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Daylight at midnight

Daylight at midnight

Daylight at midnight

Daylight at midnight

Zaurac 4-30

The Zaurac 4-30 has been developed together with light specialists from a technical university. From day one the target has been to create the best possible light for the human eye.

The light passes through fog, dust, rain and snowfall better than any other LED light on the market.

The driver is the most important part of a machine, seen from a productivity point of view. A proper working light helps the driver to observe both the movement of the machine, as well as the surroundings, in all circumstances; especially during dusk and at dark.

The Zaurac 4-30 is a high-quality light, fabricated in Finland of Finnish components.

Every light is individually tested during several different stages of production. It is also individually serial numbered. Like this we can ensure the high quality and follow the product through its life cycle. We offer a three-year warranty on our lights.

Mining industry

The Zaurac 4-30 has been developed with help from the Finnish mining industry. Its unique light helps the driver to recognize the quality of the rock, to see through dust and to distinguish stones on the wall.  

Thanks to its unique and flat design, the Zaurac 4-30 is easy to install on machines that go in narrow places. The Zaurac 4-30 is mechanically very durable and this makes it the perfect light for tough surroundings. Please check out our durability test at the bottom of this page.

The high-quality light helps the driver to control his machine better, and this positively affects productivity and shortens the down time of the machine.
We have also developed the Zaurac 4-30 BLAST version with a replaceable plexiglass cover to protect the lens from stones. More on BLAST here.

Forest industry

The natural color repetition of the Zaurac 4-30 reduces the risk of the driver’s eyes getting tired and helps him stay focused longer. This directly affects the productivity of the machine during dark hours. The Zaurac light is not reflected like a normal LED-light, its light makes a 3-dimensional sight that helps the driver to see behind the first line of trees. Naturally and evenly lighted surroundings makes the work comfortable and when the light perforates snow, rain and fog, the machine can be used to a maximum.

Marine industry

The sea is a challenging and dangerous element at dark.The Zaurac 4-30 offers options to see both near and far. With the spot lens you can see far and distinguish the color of the beacons. With the wide lens that distributes the light more, you can safely land as well in familiar harbors as on unknown beaches. Many boat manufacturers have chosen the Zaurac 4-30 light as standard equipment due to its durable outer shell and very good light quality. It is also waterproof.

Excavation industry

Zaurac 4-30 is the solution to all excavation machines, where the quality of light is crucial. Whether you work in a sandpit or on a field of asphalt, the work gets done faster and more safely with a proper working light.

The Zaurac 4-30 is protected and so waterproof that you can easily wash the light with high-pressure at the same time as you wash the machine.




Enhanced work experience





Zaurac 4-30 offers the best possible light for the human eye. The light perforates dust, fog, rain and snowfall. We offer a three year warranty for the light.

It is the first worklight, where the light has been made as nice and even as possible. The driver of a machine is the most important part, and it is of utmost importance for the productivity that he is feeling well and can use the machine during the day, but also during the dark hours. The is a high-tech product, proudly developed and produced in Finland. Every Zaurac light is individually tested and has a unique serial number to guarantee a very high quality.

Available with three different beams: Spot, Wide and Hybrid and with different accessories.

36 W

Power consumption

12-24 V

Voltage range

0,8 kg


183 x 43
x 97 mm




We offer fast and reliable delivery on all models and accessories.

Zaurac as manufacturer installation gives the machine added value and keeps the clients content with their purchase. But to really understand the added value, you need to see the difference with your own eyes.

Please contact our sales team for more information.