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Zaurac 4-30 Wide

Zaurac 4-30 with wide lens is primarily for small machines and solutions where the distance to illuminate is short. The beam is very wide and is even throughout, without any focus points. We recommend this work light in particular for small excavators (under 13 tons), maintenance vehicles and to forest machines and backhoes for close illumination.

The package includes floodlight with a 50 cm cable, mounting equipment, manual and warranty.

Zaurac 4-30 Spot

 Zaurac 4-30 with spot lens is primarily for big machines and solutions where the distance to illuminate is big. The beam is very narrow and very focused. We recommend this work light, in particular for dredging and long beam excavators, flatbed trucks where you want to illuminate the flatbed and for forest machines to light up the treetops.

The package includes floodlight with a 50 cm cable, mounting equipment, manual and warranty.

Zaurac 4-30 Hybrid

 In the combined version there are both wide and spot lenses in the Zaurac 4-30. This is in the middle of the product range and is primarily for medium sized machines and solutions that need illumination both close up and at a longer range. We recommend this floodlight in particular for 25 ton excavators, for trucks to illuminate the sides and for snow plowing machinery.

 The package includes floodlight with a 50 cm cable, mounting equipment, manual and warranty.



    Zaurac 4-30 BLAST


    Zaurac 4-30 BLAST is the best solution for circumstances where your light is likely to break, or it is already is a daily problem.

    The features of the BLAST are exactly the same as in the Zaurac, but with the exception that the BLAST is equipped with a separate cover in front of the lens. This plexi is inexpensive and easy to change an efficiently protects the lens against hits from foreign objects.

    Manufacturers of mining- and tunnelmachines have noticed that BLAST is a durable and inexpensive alternative. Not to mention the huge advantage of a working light with such high-quality light.

    The BLAST is available with the same set of lenses as the Zaurac; Spot, Hybrid and Wide.


    Zaurac 4-30 Accessories


    Solutions to make the installation of a 5 Watts easier, and give you more possibilites.

    Double foot
    Double foot, for circumstances where you need a maximum amount of light. The lights can be vertically separatley adjusted.

    Protective cover
    A protective cover, made of 3mm acid-resisten steel, that endures that you stand on it. This is the correct accessory if the light is on a path, for example in th efront of a boat.

    Extended foot
    A longer foot, to enable installation on a vertical surface.

    Installation grommet
    A grommet for all 5 Watts feet, that does not lead electricity. Thanks to this the lamp can be electrically isolated from the surface to which it is installed to (isolated version). This might be needed in situations where the negative pole should not be connected to the frame.

    Technical information

    • Power consumption: 36 W
    • Imput voltage range: 12-24 V
    • Light output, Spot: 2800 lumen
    • Light output, Wide: 2600 lumen
    • Light output, Hybrid: 2700 lumen
    • Size: W 183 x H 43 x D 97 mm
    • Weight: 0,8 kg

      Zaurac 4-30

      Even to this day vehicle operators perceive darkness or dusk as a major cause of slowdown of their work. Heavy duty machines which have been vastly improved and semi automated are still equipped with outdated lighting that consumes space, obscures the operator’s field of vision, consume considerable amounts of electricity and break easily.

      The Zaurac 4-30 represents a new generation of work lights designed for demanding use. By using the latest LED and driver technology, the efficiency of the light is among the best on the market. The Zaurac 4-30 offers one and a half times the light output of regular 35W Xenons and the natural light colour doesn’t strain the eyes even during longer workshifts.

      Thanks to its minimal form factor, the light can fit in where others don’t or would cause harm, such as on the chassis or beam. The front visor protects the lenses from dirt and snow. The whole unit is pressure washable.

      The milled and anodized aluminum casing is primarily designed to disperse heat, withstand direct blows, wear and tear and exposure to the elements. The LEDs withstand vibration better than any other contemporary lighting technology. Our product is built for placements where the competition simply would not be sufficient.

      We have built the Zaurac 4-30 with earthmoving contractors in mind but the product is well suited for tractors, combine harvesters, excavators, trailers, dump trucks, forest machines, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), boats, vans and maintenance vehicles. For all vehicles in need of light.